Стажер в HR департамент

Управление персоналом,
Россия, Москва
Ожидаемый оклад


GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare is one of the world’s leading over-the-counter healthcare companies. We hold number one positions in Wellness across 36 markets, and are market leaders in specialist oral care.

Our aim – to help as many people as possible do more, feel better, live longer.
Our history started 150 years ago. We are owners of the most popular brands in the world such as Sensodine®, Coldrex®, Voltaren®, Theraflu®, Parodontax®, Corega®, Otrivin®, Phisiogel® and so on.


· Last years of the university (Law faculty / HR);
· Good knowledge of labor legislations;
· Intemediate English;
· Good Excel knowledge;
· High Ms Office proficiency (data management);
· Good communication skill.


· Best practice HR in multicultural pharma company;
· Data analytics – data merge, validation
· Dashboards/KPIs consolidation;
· PPT drafting.

Working conditions:

· Great opportunities for Internship experience(HR practice) in multinational pharmaceuticals company;
· Flexible hours (from 25 working hours per week) and opportunity combine work and education;
· Location: business center Moscow citi.

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27 апреля 2018